Born in 2000, Demetria is a musician from Thessaloniki, Greece and she’s based in Corfu, Greece.
She graduated (2018) from the Music School of Thessaloniki and now she studies at the Ionian University: Department of Music Studies: Jazz Piano. She plays the piano, keyboards, percussions, drums, guitar and she sings.
Her work involves songwriting & composing, music performance, music production & mixing, sound design & foley and Audio Visual arts. She creates everything in her home-studio based in Corfu. From songwriting & music production to creating visual depictions of her sound & music (such as artworks, video art and mini-animations) .
In the last three years, she has digitally self-released three full albums and many other songs, including collaborations. “Tomorrowland” is her debut single for Puzzlemusik label (Athens, Greece). A single out of her forthcoming album “Pillow Shifter”, due for release in early 2022.
She has also composed music for amateur short-films and many other projects.



The artist

Nationality: Greek