Sotiris Debonos

Sotiris Debonos


Sotiris Debonos started playing mandolin at the age of 14 and since then he acquired a perseverance with string instruments. Consequence of this, was superior theoretical music studies and, simultaneously, studies of classical guitar.
At first he composed music for theatre (especially for the theatrical organisation “STIGMI”, of which Debonos is founding member) and for the cinema.
In 1998, he won the reward of “Musical Achievements” at the short film festival of Drama city in Greece.
He is participating in recordings and in bands, playing cotemporary and improvised music.
The last 5 years he has abandoned the acoustic sound, using at his solo live shows custom electric mandolin/guitar, pedals and looping software, combined with synchronised Video Art (“Multimedia” and “Photos”).
His material is mostly motivated by the Ionian Musical School, which has no relation to the Eastern musical modes but follows purely the Western modes and aesthetics.
Sotiris Debonos studied medicine in the University of Athens and he is working as pathologist. Despite all his pastime with microscope, because of the nature of his job, he believes that we cannot see the world, but it is possible to listen to it.

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Nationality: Greek