Theo Kapilidis Neoplatonic Trio

Theo Kapilidis Neoplatonic Trio


Theo Kapilidis , guitarist and composer Zurich (Switzerland) , was born in Greece. He was fortunate to grow up in a very musical family . During his childhood he spent much time in a record store of his father , which he came into contact with jazz early on. At the age of twelve years, Theo was playing the piano and devoted himself mainly to the guitar. The five-year jazz studies at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern (CH ) , he finished successful at age of 25 . After graduating gave Theo countless jazz concerts and participated in a variety of other projects . In 1985 he returned to his hometown , where he worked as a studio musician and has taught at the Synchronous Conservatory of Thessaloniki. First recordings were made simultaneously with the electric jazz trio. Since his return to Switzerland in 1991 Theo has worked with many famous jazz musicians. These include, among others, John Voirol , Heiri Känzig, Rätus Flisch , Michael Zisman , Matthieu Michel,Herbie Kopf,

Daniel Schenker,Chris Wiesendanger,und Tony Renold.

He also played in various bands together with renowned artists such as Manny Boyd, Danny Hαyes , Keith Copeland , Johnny Vidacovich.

Theo currently teaches at the Zurich University of the Arts. As a bandleader , he recently took on two new CDs :

“Bright Shadows” and ”Inside views”

feat. Will Winson Sax, Glenn Zaleski piano,Rick Rosato bass, Colin Stranahan Drums.

His interest in music is focused in the expression and in the unite of authenticity with a pioneering spirit .



The artist

Nationality: Greece

Resident in: Zurich