Yiannis Kassetas / Giorgos Spanos – Jungle of Illusions

Yiannis Kassetas / Giorgos Spanos  – Jungle of Illusions

Label: Puzzlemusik

Release date: 11/2011

Catalog number: PIECE 019

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> Sedative Jungle
Yiannis Kassetas, Γιάννης Κασέτας

A long collaboration of the saxophone player and composer Yannis Kassetas with the already distinct drummer George Spanos. The partnership of Kassetas- Spanos has already elated those who follow our live concerts and the two musicians have appeared live together on stage a lot of times during 2011, in various venues as a free improvisation duo with great success. This collaboration is developed in Jungle of Illusions.
In the album there are free improvisation tracks, which were recorded in some of their live performances in the first half of 2011 in Bacaro. The rest of the tracks were recorded live at Artracks studio.
“Walk Spirit Talk Spirit” by McCoy Tyner and “Sandu” by Clifford Brown were used as material for improvisation (along with their original ideas) and are also included in the album.
The core sound of Jungle of Illusions is Kassetas’ saxophone Spanos’ drums and percussions, but the project is enriched with more layers, as in many tracks various other musicians contribute.