Manolis Galiatsos / Socratis Anthis – 2011: Here, Out

Manolis Galiatsos / Socratis Anthis – 2011: Here, Out

Label: Puzzlemusik

Release date: 4/2011

Catalog number: PIECE 018

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> Marstijuana
Manolis Galiatsos, Μανώλης Γαλιάτσος

The tenth personal album by the composer Manolis Galiatsos and his fourth strictly instrumental. “A secret elegy for memory loss- or its possible illusion- for the journey that has taken place- or whatever we consider- and the one that should be continued”, says the composer. This album is inspired by the great trumpet player Socratis Anthis (a member of Melos Brass and of the chamber music group “N. Mantzaros”, a top player in the Orchestra of Colours etc).
Based on Anthi’s sound, ethos and his internal mystic path. Written and recorded in 2011and dedicated to the man with the trumpet, who, as hot matter, contains the cold and troubling feeling out here.
From this album “Marstijuana” stands out.