Sotiris Debonos – Blue Nevus

Sotiris Debonos  – Blue Nevus

Label: Puzzlemusik

Release date: 12/2013

Catalog number: V01

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> Drunk Virus Blues
Sotiris Debonos, Σωτήρης Δεμπόνος

11 December, 2013

In Sotiris Debonos’ new album entitled “Blue Nevus”, his “Farwest Mandolinistic Orchestra” (mandolins, guitars, keyboards, bass clarinet, trombone, tuba, violin, cello, percussions, acoustic bass) along with his co producer Manolis Angelakis (slide electric guitar) narrate 11 small organic stories and combine with lyricism and humor two of his biggest loves: Blues with clinical pathology… i.e. biopsies…
Blue Nevus (azure birthmark, scientifically, or otherwise known as a blue mole) is a small benign mark on the body. It appears to have a bluey- black color and this is because of the light reflected by the melanin, deep beneath the skin. The cover photo shows a Blue Nevus tissue, as it appears under the microscope.
Many of us have a Blue Nevus somewhere on our skin. You can also have one in Vinyl and luckily you will not need a microscope to enjoy this album. A record player is enough to lose yourself in its “tissue”…
Blue Nevus is released in 315 vinyl numbered copies and will not be released in cd format. A password can be found in each copy, with which one can digitally download the album, along with a bonus track (wav form) from Sotiris Debonos’ website