Socos & The Live Project Band – Antartiko Polewn

Socos & The Live Project Band  – Antartiko Polewn

Label: Puzzlemusik

Release date: 10/2011

Catalog number: piece X04d


> H Poli Xorevei

The 4th album of Socos & The Live Project Band can be downloaded for free from the band’s site. It will be released in vinyl (limited copies- collector’s edition) in the beginning of 2012. It won’t be released in cd format.
The songs sound as if they were written in a dark basement in the summer of 2011 occasioned by the (then) recent events.
However, the album was recorded in winter and spring of 2011 and the mixing took place in summer, which means that the songs were written in 2010.
The recordings were made with natural instruments and with no addition of digital reverb. This results in their very direct sound. The band’s aim was to keep the lyricism, where it exists, in the songs but at the same time the aggressiveness.
This 4th album by Socos & The Live Project Band (third in Puzzlemusik) will stand as a concern to those who support that the band’s box set Kafka (2007) will remain unsurpassed.
Αντάρτικο Πόλεων is like a punch in the stomach you long for once in a while… cause you feel that it will benefit you.
Thekla Tselepi participates in the “Party”. “The city dances” is the first album’s video clip άλμπουμ
Free Download here
The vinyl was released in December 2012 by B-Other Side records.