K.Bhta / Kornelios Selamsis / ARTéfacts Ensemble / Theodora Baka – Sygkatoikisi

K.Bhta / Kornelios Selamsis / ARTéfacts Ensemble / Theodora Baka – Sygkatoikisi

Label: Puzzlemusik

Release date: 9/2016

Catalog number: PIECE A01

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Η Νύχτα
Η Νύχτα
K.Bhta, Kornelios Selamsis, ARTéfacts Ensemble, Theodora Baka

Living Together (Sygkatoikisi) is a choice without predictable outcome. Living Together is an act born out of the need to share the practical weights of life, or to share more time with one or more dear ones. This process does not always have a happy ending. Suddenly faces are revealed, and they may not be not what we imagined. Often our common life is not what we hoped for. This is not, however, the case with this Living Together. With Konstantinos, we co-exist in a house that is truly spacious, with mutual respect and love. In this space we move with great freedom, shaping the way that time goes by. No one feels the other’s dominance. Even though music, noise or bodily movement is what happens in this house, a moment comes when nothing is heard. People sit still and are silent, only to be moved again into perfect synchrony.
We hope that everyone listening to this album will pay a visit and take away a space of freedom from this residence.

Kornilios Selamsis & ARTéfacts ensemble


Konstantinos Bhta- voice
Kornelios Selamsis- orchestration and music director
Theodora Baka- voice

Artéfacts ensemble:
Guido De Flaviis saxophone | Spyros Tzekos clarinet | Laertis Kokolanis violin | Marios Dapergolas viola | Kostas Seremetis percussion| Thodoris Bazakas percussion | Louizos Aslanidis director | Ai Motohashi-Sideri piano | Nikos Tsoukalas double bass | Marinos Tranoudakis percussion | Dimitris Gogas trumpet | Morfo Papadimitirou violin | Dimitris Dakovanos bassoon | Andreas-Rolandos Theodorou trombone | Sophia Efklidou cello | Alexandros Drymonitis electric guitar | Vangelis Baliousis drums | Vangelis Stathoulopoulos flute | Manos Venturas horn

Guido De Flaviis- editing – mixing
Yiannis Christodoulatos- mastering
Nikos Karapiperis- sound engineering