Akis Baroutas – 28.000

Akis Baroutas – 28.000

Label: Puzzlemusik

Release date: 2/2018

Catalog number: PIECE D10


Akis Baroutas

Akis Baroutas (Άκης Μπαρούτας) is a 24 year old singer-songwriter coming from Thessaloniki, Greece. “28.000″ is the first single out of his forthcoming album “Epistrefo sti Gi” (“Returning to Earth”).
Following the tradition of the 7″ vinyl physical format “28.000″ has in its “b-side” an (almost) instrumental mix of the title track and this is the version uploaded here on Soundcloud. This mix appears only on this digital release and will not appear on the album.
You Tube link for an animated video clip of the “a-side”, made by Marillia Gavri.
Sound engineers: Thanos Kazantzis, Leonidas Beilis, Merkos Zikas (Studio Polytropon, Thessaloniki, Greece)
Instrumental version Mixed and Mastered by Christos Megas
Produced by Akis Baroutas & Nikos Dimakidis
Cover Design and Artwork Deisgn: Sophia Topi