Christos Alexopoulos – MeanTime

Christos Alexopoulos – MeanTime

Label: Puzzlemusik

Release date: 11/2012

Catalog number: PIECE 022

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> Waiting for a cloud to rain
Christos Alexopoulos, Χρήστος Αλεξόπουλος

Instead of an album description, one can read the review of MeanTime by Makis Milatos as it was published in Athens Voice: “Christos Alexopoulos’ musical universe is whole here, in its most mature and charming period. Progressive, spoken word, classical music, Hatzidakis, pop and rock in a multilayered album which, however, doesn’t lose its coherency. All the influences and references don’t dominate over the composer, who creates his own style, form, aesthetic and ethics which radiate from this album with simple and beautiful melodies. It is undoubtly one of his best albums.”
All members of Dr.Atomik participate in Waiting for a cloud to rain. The album also contains the songs Hey eee oh, The Garden of love (a poem by William Blake) and Is This Real? , which was lettered in the electroacoustic music competition “Musica Viva – Sound Walk” in Portugal in October 2012.