Demetria – Tomorrowland

Demetria – Tomorrowland

Label: Puzzlemusik

Release date: 11/2021

Catalog number: PIECE D25

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21year old Demetria is the new artist entry in the Puzzlemusik roster. Music, words, all instrument playing by Demetria.
Despite her young age, she is an already accomplished artist, as in addition to writing the music and lyrics herself, she also plays all the instruments (keyboards, piano, guitars, melodica and other toy instruments, programming). She also records and mixes her songs by herself, while she also makes her videos.
“Tomorrowland” is a song that stays in your mind not only for its melodies but also for the exemplary way in which it develops reaching a take-off ending. It, possibly, is the most appropriate song to introduce us to the world of Demetria, a creative and restless world that invites us to explore it.
This song is but a glimpse of the 11-track concept album “Pillow Shifter” that will be released in early 2022.
Demetria is currently studying at the Department of Music Studies of the Ionian University (Greece) and her future looks exceptionally bright.

Mastering: Giorgos Preniotakis (Artracks Studios)
Cover Artwork: Demetria
Photo Shoot: Photography/Edit: Dimitris Spanos, Styling/Makeup: Nikki Matzona
Video-Art: Camera/Edit: Demetria, Acting: Amalia Pavlou