George Kontrafouris Trio – The Storyteller

George Kontrafouris Trio – The Storyteller

Label: Puzzlemusik

Release date: 4/2007

Catalog number: PIECE 002

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> The Storyteller
George Kontrafouris, Γιώργος Κοντραφούρης

Enhanced cd including 9 tracks and a mpeg file of the video of the track “First Flight”.
The highly acclaimed, Finland based, jazz pianist on simply his best piano album ever, briefly before going “organ”. With Kostas Konstantinou on bass and Alvester Garnett on drums this album also features collaborations with Lydia Filipovic, Sam Newsome and the I.Q. string quartet.
You are doing this album injustice if you consider it simply as a jazz album. Jazz is only the starting point. Feel the Balkan flavour and the, naturally integrated, classical music elements, all in one listen.
Dedicated to the days to come.
Distributed in Japan through Gats Production Ltd.
In November 2016 it was released in vinyl for the first time as part of Puzzlemusik’ s 10 year anniversary releases. The release was made in collaboration with Public stores and the vinyl is exclusively available in Public stores. The vinyl version is different to the CD one. A new mastering was done by George Priniotakis (Artracks Studios), the song order is different than that of the CD aiming to a better acoustic output and maintaining the highest standard of the vinyl, while for the same reason and due to the need to decrease the album’s length the song «Oj Djevojko Dje Si Ruze Brala» was removed from the vinyl edition.