Maria Latsinou – Mia Anasa Meta: Live @ ILION plus

Maria Latsinou – Mia Anasa Meta: Live  @ ILION plus

Label: Puzzlemusik

Release date: 4/2017

Catalog number: PIECE L03




Maria Latsinou, Μαρία Λατσίνου

The follow-up to Maria Latsinou’s 2015 debut “Mia Anasa Dromos” is a live album featuring – all but one – unreleased songs. Songs that were left out of the debut although she and her steady band loved them. Songs that still find their way to their live setlists, most of them crowd favorites. “Mia Anasa Meta” also features 3 cover songs that appear regularly on their setlists. One of them is the acoustic “H Gynaika pou diavaze poiimata” (originally by Diafana Krina) which appears on our Soundcloud.
This live recording captures the band between the 2 albums (the debut and the one soon to be recorded), evolving.
Maria’s second studio album is scheduled for recording this summer of 2017 and due for release in early 2018.
The “Mia Anasa Meta” live album is released by Puzzlemusik on it’s L series. The L series features limited edition CDs that can only be purchased at a live performance of the artist or by e-mail order (
“Mia Anasa Meta” was recorded at ILION plus.
Sound engineers: Nikos Dimitrakakos, Lazaros Karagiannis, Giorgos Hatzipolychronis
Mixed by Giorgos Liapis (1st Floor Studios)
Mastered by George Priniotakis (Artracks Studios)
Produced by Christos Alexopoulos
Graphic Design: Eleni Kesapidou
Cover Photo: Angeliki Darlasi