Maria Latsinou & Mokita – Sfiggei o kloios (digital single)

Maria Latsinou & Mokita – Sfiggei o kloios (digital single)

Label: Puzzlemusik

Release date: 4/2018

Catalog number: PIECE D11



Σφίγγει ο Κλοιός
Σφίγγει ο Κλοιός
Μαρία Λατσίνου, Mokita, Maria Latsinou

“Sfiggei O Kloios” (“Closing The Ring”) is the warm-up single fron the forthcoming album “Larymna” by Maria Latsinou & Mokita. The album will be released on April 27, 2018.
“Sfiggei o kloios” will be included in the album. Following the tradition of the 7″ vinyl physical format this digital single has a “b-side” and this is the track uploaded here on Soundcloud. This track, the instrumental “Kori” will be available only in this digital single release.
“Larymna” will be the 3rd Maria Latsinou album in 3 years and the first registered under the “Maria Latsinou & Mokita” name. The album was recorded in a cottage in the Greek countryside during a six days recording session last summer.
“Mokita” is the name of the group that steadily supports her at live performances and in the studio.
“Mokita” means “the truth we all know but agree not to talk about”. It is a word of the Kivila language (Papua New Guinea).
Head of “Mokita” is the composer, pianist Christos Alexopoulos. The man behind Puzzlemusik.
Mixed by Manolis Angelakis with the contribution of Giorgos Liapis
Mastered by George Priniotakis (Artracks Studios)
Produced by Christos Alexopoulos
Cover Design and Artwork Design: Eleni Kesapidou