Misuse – April

Misuse  – April

Label: Puzzlemusik

Release date: 11/2011

Catalog number: PIECE 020

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This is Misuse’s new album, coming three years after their debut, which had a great acclaim from the audience and the critics.
The term post-heavy rock, which was used then, didn’t seem to justify their sound, which was enriched by string arrangements and various synthesizers. Since then, Misuse have evolved a great deal and have moved on from their post-rock sound. Their sound remains guitar based, but the strings are absent. A lot of electro elements move into the picture – mainly as part of the compositions and their development rather than as an electronica sound per se.
This results in a new album completely different from their debut, but at the same time familiar. It respects their flow and even though their sound blows from our sound system, there is a feeling that this sound bomb did not come out of nowhere. It’s more like a time bomb…
File under: Genreless  Out by Puzzlemusik and Spinalonga.