Playground Theory – B-sides & Otherwise

Playground Theory – B-sides & Otherwise

Label: Puzzlemusik

Release date: 6/2021

Catalog number: PIECE D23

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Playground Theory

A year after their third album, Tears Go Upwards, Playground Theory release a collection of their songs entitled B-sides and Otherwise which includes b-sides, remixes, a cover and a brand new song, Free.

Free combines a rhythmic modern soul style, dominant in the bass and vocals, with an electro-pop feeling from the synthesizers and guitars. The lyrics are disarmingly up-to-date concerning social issues and specifically freedom, however it is perceived by each one of us. Playground Theory express their hope of a brighter future, free from fear and hate.

Anywhere Out of the World, a cover of Dead Can Dance’s song, is among the tracks of B-sides and Otherwise. It was also included in the compilation “Grecospectiva 80s” (Amour Records) and is very characteristic of Playground Theory’s musical identity.

Among the remixes included in B-sides and Otherwise, we come across Playground Theory’s older collaborations with remixers such as Fading Soul, Manager & Afro, Lowtronik and TheMute, while there are two brand new remixes by Costas Mavridakis and Christos Alexopoulos.

This release is appealing for two reasons. Firstly, it gathers together for the first time all recorded songs that haven’t been part of an album, but at the same time introduces new recordings and songs (like Free), which enrich Playground Theory’s musical style in new ways.

At the same time, the band’s evolution is evident in this release. Having in the same album songs like Mary, which was recorded during their debut, along with Lull – Stay Home Edition, from their third album (which was played live and recorded by the band at their homes during lockdown) the listener travels in time with them. Undoubtedly the highlight of B-sides and Otherwise is Free, maybe their most optimistic song so far and a precursor of what is to come.