Playground Theory – Speaking of Secrets

Playground Theory  – Speaking of Secrets

Label: Puzzlemusik

Release date: 10/2013

Catalog number: PIECE 026

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Playground Theory

18 October, 2013

Speaking of Secrets consists of 11 songs which flow effortlessly and gradually build a characteristic “Playground Theory” atmosphere. A rather unusual achievement for a debut album.
Electronic riffs are combined with unearthly melodies creating an inner tension which is dominant in their songs. The dreamy melodies in the female vocals create a contradiction with the oxymoron lyrics, which sometimes blend harmoniously while at times create a counterpoint, especially with the way they are framed by a variety of characteristic rhythms.
“Dream pop” could be used as a term to describe this special blend of sound. Music that sounds like it was always present, but at the same time special, with its own style, it doesn’t copy anything nor shout about its value. It waits to be discovered by the listener.
The following songs stand out, being more radio-friendly, “Waves”, “Dance”, “Desire” and “Accident”. In “Accident” Varvara Tsotra’s cello is a great addition in an already magnificent song.
Production: Christos Alexopoulos- George Priniotakis- Alex Bolpasis