Playground Theory – Tears Go Upwards

Playground Theory – Tears Go Upwards

Label: Puzzlemusik

Release date: 2/2020

Catalog number: PIECE 048 / PIECE V08

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Playground Theory

After the dreamy sounds of “Speaking of Secrets” (2013) and the Mediterranean and eastern modes of “Connect the Dots” (2016), Playground Theory’s third album, “Tears Go Upwards”, combines all of the band’s musical styles evolving their sound further.
Twelve tracks of cinematic, synth-wave, contemporary dream-pop with a twist of the east that craftily blends electronic elements with guitars, percussions and hard to ignore bass lines (“Paper Words”). Dreamy vocals with dominant melody lines work along with piercing lyrics towards a hypnotising result (“Escape the Night”).
Playground Theory talk about the chills you get when you’re not supposed to (“Lull”, “A Tiny Red Scratch”), the irony of “connections” in the digital world (“Sleep and Repeat”), the bitterness of shallow relationships (“Toys”, “Belonging”, “Paper Words”), the realization and acceptance of things in life as we grow (“Woman Outside”, “Escape the Night”), our words to children’s ears (Don’t Let Me Down – a collaboration with Marva Von Theo) and even how you come to envy the way your cat thinks compared to humans with an extra dose of sarcasm (“Cat Feelings”).
As with their previous release, there is also a cover of a traditional Greek song, sung in their native language (“Το Λιμάνι”- “The Haven”). It’s one of the best love songs from the island of Zante, which is transformed by the band to a dreamy soundscape. Ethereal vocals on dark synths and sounds of the sea and birds flying make up their own haven.

Playground Theory are: Dimitris Negkas (synths- lyrics), Marcia Israilides (vocals- lyrics- synths), Vagelis Katsoulakis (drums- percussion) and for the current release Diamandis Kazouris (guitar) and Tolis Metzidakis (bass).
In the recordings also participated: Marva Voulgari and Theo Foinidis (Marva Von Theo), Giorgos Priniotakis, Giotis Petrellis, Alex Basmadjian ,Cryintro, Ioannis Tselikas
Tears Go Upwards was recorded at Artracks studio. Sound Mixing: George Priniotakis, Mixing- Production, Mastering: George Priniotakis. Logo and graphic design: it’s Braining.
Tears Go Upwards is available via Puzzlemusik in vinyl, cd and digital form (Spotify, Deezer, i-tunes and on all the main digital platforms worldwide.)