Psylloi st’ Ahyra – Aprosklitos

Psylloi st’ Ahyra – Aprosklitos

Label: Puzzlemusik

Release date: 12/2017

Catalog number: PIECE D09



> Απρόσκλητος
Ψύλλοι στ' Άχυρα

Ψύλλοι στ’ Άχυρα (Psylloi st’ Ahyra) is a new alternative rock five piece band coming from Thessaloniki, Greece. This is their debut digital single. Following the tradition of the 7″ vinyl physical format Απρόσκλητος has a “b-side”. A remix of the song “Πνεύμα Ψέμα” which will appear in it’s original format on their debut full album due for release Jan. 2018. The remix is wildly different from the original recording. The “b-side” remix will not appear on the album.
The remix was made by Christos Alexopoulos who produced the single and the album.

Despite the fact the Ψύλλοι στ’ Άχυρα is a band that originated less than three years ago, they have performed live at a large number of music festivals in Greece.