Psylloi st’ Ahyra -Psylloi st’ Ahyra

Psylloi st’ Ahyra -Psylloi st’ Ahyra

Label: Puzzlemusik

Release date: 1/2018

Catalog number: PIECE 038




Psylloi st' Ahyra

Ψύλλοι στ’ Άχυρα (Psylloi st’ Ahyra) is a new alternative rock five piece band coming from Thessaloniki, Greece. This is their debut album (CD, digital). The album was recorded live in the studio (multi-track) in two days to capture the live energy of the band. Despite the fact the Ψύλλοι στ’ Άχυρα is a band that originated less than three years ago, they have already performed live at a large number of music festivals in Greece. Album produced by Christos Alexopoulos.
Sound engineers: George Priniotakis, Clyde Jabrahimi (Artracks Studios)
Mixed and Mastered by George Priniotakis (Artracks Studios)
Cover Design and Artwork Deisgn: Sophia Rozaki (Spil Tsoik)