Sotiris Debonos – Film Musik

Sotiris Debonos  – Film Musik

Label: Puzzlemusik

Release date: 6/2008

Catalog number: PIECE X02

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Sotiris Debonos, Σωτήρης Δεμπόνος

Guitarist and composer Sotiris Debonos is a musician that has worked on both film and stage music.
This is an EP of 6 tracks – the soundtrack of a film that was never filmed. Evocative multi-layered music that transforms every time you hear it. Xylophone, percussion and guitar are the key instruments in this 10” vinyl-only release. Violin, viola and nei join in to color the whole picture.
Although what you hear is the result of acoustic instruments you could bet that this music of electronic origin. Do not bet, though. You will lose…
This vinyl-release includes a cd-r with the tracks in mp3 and a video art inspired by the Film Musik tracks.(Video-art captured and edited by Socos)