The Puzzle Is Cast – Severed H A N D _ Iron Hook (feat. Sotiris Debonos & Antonis Livieratos)

The Puzzle Is Cast  – Severed H   A   N   D _ Iron Hook  (feat. Sotiris Debonos & Antonis Livieratos)

Label: Puzzlemusik

Release date: 4/2021

Catalog number: PIC 007

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Severed H A N D _ Iron Hook (feat. Sotiris Debonos & Antonis Livieratos)
Severed H A N D _ Iron Hook (feat. Sotiris Debonos & Antonis Livieratos)
The Puzzle Is Cast

“Psychoacoustic Eye” by The Puzzle Is Cast is a project in which artists of the roster of the Greek independent label Puzzlemusik are recording separately from a distance in pairs.
With this 7th single the first chapter of the “Psychoacoustic Eye” by The Puzzle Is Cast project is completed. The project remains active. During the following few months, more tracks will be produced with the same procedure followed this far and they will be released as an album (CD & streaming / download) alongside the already released singles.
The project was loosely conceived during the spring 2020 lockdown and took shape in the autumn 2020 lockdown. It can run through time and it can progress and flourish regardless of any future lockdown or not. The Puzzle Is Cast is the brain-child of Sotiris Debonos (composer) and Christos Alexopoulos (composer, head of Puzzlemusik) and many of the musicians in the Puzzlemusik roster participate in it.
The idea was simple: to create a setting suitable for innovative collaborative creativity from a distance, between a pair of musicians, or a whole set of musicians, in a free willing , kind of casual way, without much reflective thinking and afterthought involved. An artistic unit in which a certain member takes on the duty to realise a certain project each time. A project that requires from the other members of the artistic unit simply to provide the artist in charge with the raw material needed for the project.
The debut output of the “The Puzzle is Cast” as an artistic unit is the “Psychoacoustic Eye” recording sessions.
Each musician, while at his/her home recorded a music track, with whatever means he/she had at hand and without thinking very much about what he/she will record. Then the track was processed by Debonos. “Processing” could involve adding (or removing) music material, de-composing and/or structural re-arranging the original track with sound edits, modifying the original sound through the application of filters or a mixed technique combining some (or all) of the above.
The purpose was to produce a completely new material, somehow keeping the spirit of the original track, although the end result could end up being very different from the original.
After the final mix is ready, Debonos produces a video using specific freeware and visuals to accompany it. During the whole process, Alexopoulos acts as a director in the project, or rather as an executive producer, bringing together the musicians, handing out the few, but very specific, instructions and molding the project before it hits your speakers, your headphones or your screens.
Full project will be released on CD & streaming / download later in 2021.

on “Severed H A N D _ Iron Hook”
Antonis Livieratos : piano
Sotiris Debonos: classical guitar, “Din Is Noise” soft synth & mix

“Psychoacoustic Eye” by The Puzzle Is Cast
Project Idea realized by Sotiris Debonos & Christos Alexopoulos
Executive Producer – Curator : Alexopoulos
Videos by: Debonos
Produced by Debonos & Alexopoulos