Yiannis Kassetas – Nostalgia In Puerto Rico

Yiannis Kassetas – Nostalgia In Puerto Rico

Label: Puzzlemusik

Release date: 1/2021

Catalog number: PIECE D22

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Nostalgia In Puerto Rico (Video Teaser)
Nostalgia In Puerto Rico (Video Teaser)
Yiannis Kassetas, Γιάννης Κασέτας

Υiannis remains very productive despite the lockdowns. He is currently working on various projects, so at the moment the direction of his next album is not known, nor when it will be released. Because of this “Nostalgia In Puerto Rico” is not necessarily a first taste of an upcoming new album by Yiannis Kassetas. It is more of a look at his secret chest, where he keeps his jewelry-compositions.

“Nostalgia In Puerto Rico” credits

Antonis Andreou: Trombone, Kostas Sapounis: Trumpet, Leonidas Sarantopoulos: Flute,

Yiannis Kassetas: Tenor Sax, Costis Christodoulou: Piano and Keys, Kostantinos Stouraitis: Guitar,

Nikos Chatzitsakos: Upright Bass, Jason Wastor: Drums.

Recorded at Sierra Studios.

Soundengineer : Yiannis Baxevanis.

Video recording , editing ,mixing and mastering by Fotis Papatheodorou.

Composed and Arranged by Yiannis Kassetas.