Babis Papadopoulos – Yennithikame Chtes

Babis Papadopoulos – Yennithikame Chtes

Label: Puzzlemusik

Release date: 2/2023

Catalog number: PIECE 056

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Pathos se Roi
Pathos se Roi
Babis Papadopoulos, Μπάμπης Παπαδόπουλος

All new,
so much so that something else will come
newer than all that.
Theodoros Dorros
from the poem “Spring Leaves”

Babis Papadopoulos is in a very creative and productive period.
Shortly after the release of the digital ep “IN[A]HABIT: Music from a dance performance” (Puzzlemusik, October 2022) and the album “Electric Solo” (Defkaz, December 2022) he has his new album ready for release.
“Yennithikame Chtes” (meaning “We were born yesterday”) is a surprise release as it contains 6 songs in addition to instrumental tracks.
Babis Papadopoulos for the first time sets poets to music. Yet another surprise element is that in 3 of these songs, he sings himself.

“Yenntihikame Chtes” was released digitally on Spotify, iTunes/Apple, Deezer, Tidal and many other streaming services on Friday, February 24.
It will be released on CD in March and on double vinyl later in 2023.

Babis Papadopoulos set to music poems by Christos Bravos, Theodoros Dorros, Zissis Ekonomou, Dimitris I. Antoniou and Emily Dickinson (poem translated in Greek by Maria Damoli). On the first three of the above Babis Papadopoulos sings himself. The rest are sung by Christos Sapountzis, Evi Mazi and Anthi Kyrkou respectively.

Recording Musicians:
Eva Dourou (theremin), Giotis Damianidis (guitar), Ilias Katsianos (guitar), Panos Papazoglou (guitar), Asklipios Zampetas (guitar). The late Christos Germenoglou (drums) also participates in two of the recordings of the album.
One is the poem “Hope” by Emily Dickinson, which was his last recording before he passed away. The second is the instrumental “The Rock of Karagiozis” which first appeared in the end credits of the film “The Ballad of the Hole in the Heart” (dir. Yiannis Economides). The track was released as a digital single in 2019 and it is the first time that it will be included in a physical format.
On the album there is one more instrumental track that comes from a soundtrack, and also appears for the first time on an album. It is “Glenti” from the Kyriakos Katzourakis’ movie “Ussak…years later”.

Produced by Titos Kariotakis & Christos Charbilas
Photos by Simos Saltiel

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First LIVE presentation + CD lounge of the album “Yennithikame Chtes”
will take place on Friday, March 24 at ILION plus (17 Kodringtonos, Athens).
Doors open at 21.30. Start time: 22.00.
Tickets: €10. Reservations: 210 882 4383

More concerts will follow in other cities of Greece. The musicians performing the album on these concerts will be the duet of Babis Papadopoulos (guitar) and Petros Damianidis (Double Bass).

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