Jane Doe – Revolution Diaries

Jane Doe – Revolution Diaries

Label: Puzzlemusik

Release date: 5/2014

Catalog number: PIECE 028

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> Poverty Was Born In A Mall
Jane Doe

May 14 , 2014
Only after 15 months from their previous album, Jane Doe release two (!) albums of new material. With Revolution Diaries they mean to capture their live concert feel. And they succeed! 38 minutes and 41 seconds of Rage and Wrath bathed in light rather than embraced by darkness…
Recipes for Refugees is a more internal album and mainly completely different from what Jane Doe have presented until now. Whoever purchases the Revolution Diaries cd will get their parallel release Recipes for Refugees for free. Directions for obtaining Recipes for Refugees can be found in Revolution Diaries cd.

There’s nothing that can really stop me, there’s nothing that I want more
I’m gonna hide this light no more