Lower Cut – Off My Head

Lower Cut – Off My Head

Label: Puzzlemusik

Release date: 10/2014

Catalog number: PIECE 030

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> Child From Mars
Lower Cut

Debut album of a new five piece band from Athens, Greece. Dream-rock, reminiscent of the shoegaze scene of the 90′s with a touch of post-punk and electronic elements. Ethereal female vocals, combined with electric guitar outbursts, form a characteristic Lower Cut sound. This is an evolving band, with a great first debut, both to accompany our present and promise us a future.
A voice that sounds like an unearthly fairy, guitars, bass and drums that subject the listener, while at times draw us back to reality, synthesizers that add color and guide the songs plus various electronic elements all of which lead to the album’s peak.
The freshness of Lower Cut’s debut coexists harmoniously with the maturity of a band which has mastered its expression through music and knows what to propose.